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Sedalia City Hall
200 South Osage Ave.
Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 827-3000

Hours of Operation
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Criminal Investigations Bureau 

The Criminal Investigations Bureau is responsible for investigations, community policing, property and evidence and Internal Affairs complaints.  The Criminal Investigations Bureau Commander directs the Bureau and reports directly to the Chief of Police. 

All cases handled by the Bureau are evaluated for solvability factors.  The Division examines each case to determine if sufficient leads and information exists for a successful arrest and conviction.  If the factors exist to solve a particular case, then it is assigned to an investigator within the Bureau.   

The Investigative Division consists of two full-time detectives and two rotating detectives, as well as a Sergeant. Investigators have a wide variety of experience gained from working patrol, narcotics, and administrative functions in the Department.  

The Community Policing Division consists of one commissioned officer who is also the department's Evidence Custodian.  The Division is very involved in assisting victims in criminal cases and participating in additional community policing activities. 


 Badge  Name  Contact
 138 Commander Matthew Wirt
(660) 827-7823 ext 1203
 140 Sergeant Kelley Casto
(660) 827-7823 ext 1216
 114 Detective Travis St. Cyr (660) 827-7823 ext 1212
 130 Detective Jill Green  (660) 827-7823 ext 1213
 127 Rotating Detective Jacob White
(660) 827-7823 ext 1218
 109 Rotating Detective Andrew Bruce
(660) 827-7823 ext 1217